Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Education | Python, AngularJS

Developed an online learning management system for schools. The major features include content creation, gradebook, assignment, student project, auto-marking, announcement, chat, and many more.

Medical Practice Management System

Healthcare | C#, ASP.NET, Angular 2+

SaaS based practice management application for hospitals and clinics. Allows hospitals to manage patient records & appointments with quick prescription builder, auto-ordering of patient queue based on consultation type and billing.

Medical System

Real Estate


Property Listing & Networking Portal

Real Estate | Python, AngularJS

Online marketplace for real estate industry. Users can connect with people within the industry and post property listings. Users can also ask questions to professionals and post service requirements.

Bank Locator Mobile App

Banking & Finance| Android & iOS

Developed android and iOS mobile app for the Australian bank. The app allows customers to identify nearby ATMs and branches based on their Geo-coordinates. The app also allows to login to the internet banking system and manage all activities. Users can send request for availing new services such as credit card.

Bank Locator Mobile App

Inspection Mobile App

Inspection App

Agricultural | Android

Android application developed for an agricultural inspection agency. A field inspector conducts online audit and upload real-time data/photos to the server. The app fetches geo-coordinates of an inspector to identify field location. During poor internet connectivity, data is stored in the app (offline mode) and immediately synchronized on data/internet connectivity.

Hospital Relationship Management System

Healthcare| C#, ASP.NET

Developed application for hospitals to manage patients records, billing and claims, patient's grievances, incident reporting, discharge information and more. Integrated 3rd party reports - SyncFusion, for generating various types of reports for the admin.

Hospital Management System